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Three new talents started in our technical department

Dec 11, 2017 10:11:11 AM

Three new talents started in our technical department. They are young, eager and born with a digital mindset.

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Fun fact: all three are coming from countries starting with "S"

Aleksandar and Abdul will join our R&D department and start with 2nd line support. Sonia will be your Technical Support Manager and answer 1st line partner tickets.

Sonia de Castro, MSc in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs. “AV has been my passion since I discovered the mysteries of physics” is from her CV. Sonia started her career 14 years ago as a sound technician, since then she has developed from sound/video to AV infrastructure studying and working full time. After graduating she worked in the AV area for the EU Commission, Supercell in Finland and Atea and Yara in Norway. Sonia is from Spain.

Aleksandar Sunijc, MSc in traffic and transportation engineering and has worked with Asplan Viak and Rambøll. His passion for programming has evolved over time and he have over the last 18 months taken more than 1500 hours of programming courses and boot camps – in addition to being full time employee. Before Synergy SKY he has worked as a web developer for Fitsmind Norway. Alex is from Serbia.

Abdulhamid Aloukla, Computer and network engineer from Syria. Lived many years in UAE. Abdul has a passion for IT and development. He has learned Norwegian language at the speed of light.

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Vemun Waksvik
Written by Vemun Waksvik

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