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My "A-ha" Moment

Posted by Charlotte Vermedal on Aug 31, 2018 3:32:58 PM
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Our new Regional Sales Director for UK&I, Donald McLaughlin, shares his thoughts on why he chose to start working for Synergy SKY.

                                  Donald McLaughlin, August 2018

They say that timing is everything. I’m a big believer in that. Whether it’s in comedy or sport or music or business. When I was contacted by a former Cisco colleague & friend in July, the timing couldn’t have been better.

Donald aha blog 2I had left Cisco in June 2017 after seventeen years to start my own consulting business. I spent a year working with a number of ambitious young tech companies who were looking to accelerate their growth and increase their market impact. However, what I missed was the full-on operational challenge of owning a target and being on the hook for delivering the monthly sales number.

…and then Vemun got in touch and I had my “A-ha” moment.

 Working with these smaller businesses had helped me understand what really mattered in that environment and why it is so fundamentally different to working for a big company like Cisco. Taking that learning into a full-time sales role with Synergy SKY was a perfect fit.

I should also say at this point that I have a strong and established relationship with Norway which started in the mid-eighties around the time that A-ha burst onto the music scene. Glasgow University had become home to an increasing number of norwegian students and I built some lasting friendships which are just as strong thirty years later.

As I’ve got to know more about the Synergy SKY team and the products, it has become very clear that the market timing is also perfect. Having spent nearly five years leading Cisco’s video and collaboration business in the UK, it was very clear that user experience and user adoption will continue to be the things that drive better returns from customers’ existing investments in technology. Simplicity is critical if we are to make video more pervasive and unlock the true potential of collaboration.

For me, it’s essentially about people. Creating solutions that make people’s working lives easier. Taking away the pain and realising the gain. Whether it’s the interaction of people with video, the interaction of the technology with the space you’re in, or the interaction of your machine to the other person’s machine. It can all be made to work so much better.

 Making things more fun can actually make things more productive too. Let’s face it many meetings are boring. Video can make them more interesting. You can even record the meeting and watch the bits you want. A bit like watching a highlights programme. It can even be quite entertaining!

So back to my “A-ha” moment…

 Although I wasn’t exactly “Hunting High and Low” for a new job, the timing was perfect and I’m delighted that Ståle and the team were prepared to “Take On Me”. Synergy SKY has the potential to make video conferencing a much more efficient and enjoyable experience for everyone. After all, “The Sun Always Shines on TV”.

 Donald #3[1]Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 11.30.18

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