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Never miss a meeting - record it!

Posted by Vemun Waksvik on Mar 23, 2018 1:41:05 PM
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To record and later playback a video meeting used to be quite an exercise. Now we have made it as easy as scheduling ordinary meetings with people and rooms

It has never been easier to schedule, join, record, and playback your meetings, across any collaboration platform.

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This works for Skype for Business, S4B, SIP / H.323 or WebRTC video meetings alone or any combination of these.


Schedule your meeting in Outlook. Add recording same way you add people. E.g.

                Recording will start automatically when meeting starts and stop when meeting ends.

Get personal link to recording after the meeting. Share, play or download.

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Synergy JOIN solves the workflow for the user. By thight integration with Outlook / Exchange the user adds "recording" ( an alias you create as an Resource in Exchange ). For the recording, streaming and playback of the video we have worked in thight integration with REC.VC and QUICKCHANNEL

Link to Quickchannel Link to REC:VC


Idea ♦ Recording is ideal for training sessions!

Start meetings and recordings in any mixed environement today - download our server today 


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