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Join Skype for Business video meetings from Cisco and Polycom in one click

Jun 16, 2017 2:08:00 PM

Skype for Business (S4B) from Microsoft and video conference from Cisco and Polycom has been a challenge to book and schedule in the same meeting - and for most users impossible.

Synergy JOIN solves the most common problem users face when walking into a meetng room with a cideo conferencing system: "How to join the meeting?"

With Synergy JOIN users can book S4B, Cisco and Polycom video rooms in Outlook and when the meeting is due; start the meeting with one click.

By integrating with Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business on-premises or Office 365 and video conferencing systems, SMS enables users to easily join meetings that are booked in Microsoft Outlook – without any plug-ins required in the client. Video systems will be able to join the meeting by one click on the touch panel or remote control.

Synergy JOIN 2.1 now supports Polycom Click-to-Join and Cisco One-Button-to-Push

One click to join every meeting, no matter which client:

Skype for Business users One click in email invite
Video conferencing system One click on touch panel/remote control
WebRTC One click in email invite

Skype for Business (S4B) and video conference is coexisting in most of the organizations today; both capable of delivering high quality video and presentation sharing. But it has not been possible for the users who are planning their meetings in Outlook to schedule both video rooms and S4B users into the same meeting invitation in mixed Cisco/Polycom environments.

Synergy JOIN does now support Cisco and Polycom video endpoints in both on-prem and Office 365

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Vemun Waksvik
Written by Vemun Waksvik

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